Anon./ Shout

Book Design
Surveying the burgeoning digital landscape of internet mediated communication Anon. investigates the current debate surrounding anonymity, authenticity, and expression in the digital frontier. Composed of original writing and sourced quotes from figure heads of parties both for and against online anonymity, Anon. investigates the current nature and potential futures of anonymity on the internet.

Born out of an interest in what individuals really wish to express in day to day life, Shout is a curated collection of thoughts submitted to, an ephemeral website setup in order to provide individuals a means of expressing thoughts and opinions in a purely anonymous form. The resulting collection presented a vibrant spectrum of human thought, from the frustrated and insecure, to the whimsical and optimistic, and in some cases, just plain gibberish. Shout acts as a counterpart to Anon. providing the purely human perspective of anonymous internet expression not present in the research focused discussion of Anon.
year: 2013
role: Research, Content Strategy and Book Design
Client: Personal