Career Guide

Mobile Application
Presented with the opportunity to extend the York University Career Centre's services onto mobile platforms, Federico Galindo, Dylan Belyk-Seymour, Conrad Shen and I set out to create an experience that is complimentary to the Career Centre's services, without replacing their main-stay in-house work. Career Guide is a web application developed as a means of driving users to the Career Centre while also providing them with valuable perspective before and after their visit. Users provide personalized input that determines the best fitting of four categories of career types. From there, users can browse potential career paths, specific career details, as well as real world job opportunities. The Career Guide experience is built around creating a custom tailored approach to providing career insights and opportunities - something the Career Centre prides themselves on. For longevity and future reference, a printed style guide was designed to accompany the app.
year: 2014
role: User Research, UX/UI, Front-end Development
Client: York University Career Centre